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v1.2.83_015 New Version

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Hi everybody

One new feature and several smaller changes were made in this new version. Read more about it below in the change log.

Feel free to download it here:
There is also an update file available.

Btw, version v1.3 will get skipped, since I'm already working on v1.4.

Friendly greetings

--Change Log (new features marked bold):
v1.2.83_015: Bugfix: Password with a '<' could not be stored into database
=> functions\standard.php.editCurrentUser():
Removed the strip_tags() functions
v1.2.83_014: Bugfix: Password with a backslash could not be stored into database
=> user\editCurrentUser.php: Using Post variable $_POST['UserNewPassword'] directly instead of $UserNewPassword
v1.2.83_013: includes\login.php: Enabled 'autofocus' on input field 'username'
v1.2.83_012: Bugfix: functions\import\12\user.php: Importing users with a backslash in password failed
=> Defined '"' as escape parameter
v1.2.83_011: .htaccess: Enabled COMPRESSING FILES
v1.2.83_010: .htaccess: Enabled BROWSER CACHING
v1.2.83_009: Renamed function logoutInactiveUser() into logoutInactiveUsers()
v1.2.83_008: frontend\example_contact-form.php: Replaced the German sentence with a shorter English one ("Please, drop me a message")
v1.2.83_007: frontend\example_contact-form.php: Removed unused variables
v1.2.83_006: contact-form/contact-form: $L_Result_NOK got replaced by $L_ERROR_Email_could_not_be_sent
v1.2.83_005: contact-form/contact-form: $L_Result_OK got replaced by $L_142
v1.2.83_004: contact-form/contact-form: mail() is now using the new language var $L_New_message_via_contact_form as subject
v1.2.83_003: contact-form/contact-form: mail() is now using the guestbooks email address for administration (setup var 'SetupGuestbookMail')
v1.2.83_002: Bugfix: Former update files did not rename "images/filesharing_notes.gif" to "images/filesharing_sheet-music.gif"
=> the full version has been correct
v1.2.83_001: Updated embedded CKEditor to version 4.16.0
v1.2.83: New feature: Admin: Export: Exported files are now saved in subfolders named by current date and time

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