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v1.2.75_017 New Version

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Hello everybody

A new version got released today!
Some changes regarding PHP 7.2 and several bug-fixes were made.
Below a list of all changes. More to come.

Feel free to download it here:
There is also an update file available.

Friendly greetings,

--Change Log:
v1.2.75_017: replaced install/index3.php with install/index4.php => removed donation buttons during installation
v1.2.75_016: into help/donate.php: removed the Flattr donation option
v1.2.75_015: migrated file includes/donate.php into help/donate.php
v1.2.75_014: Bugfix: admin\delUser.php: Blocked misusing GET var 'uid' to delete own admin account.
v1.2.75_013: Bugfix: admin\showUsers.php: it was possible to delete own admin account => removed the delete icon for own user
v1.2.75_012: Bugfix: functions\standard.php.logout():992: Cause a warning on logout about session_name() => session_name() got removed
v1.2.75_011: Bugfix: calendar\includes\addGig\GigCity.php:8: when back-end language is English, "Location" has to be "City"
v1.2.75_010: Bugfix: calendar\showGigDetails.php:40: Undefined variable: GigLocation
v1.2.75_009: Bugfix: calendar\backend_addGig.php:205: removed deprecated each() by using foreach() instead of while()
v1.2.75_008: Bugfix: admin\includes\editAttributes.php:196: removed deprecated each() by using foreach() instead of while()
v1.2.75_007: Bugfix: functions/standard.getFrontendURL(): parse_str: deprecated without second argument => rewritten entire function
v1.2.75_006: Bugfix: help/threads.php:100: Fixed error "Function name must be a string" on mysqli_close
v1.2.75_005: Footer: changed http to https in url of
v1.2.75_004: Updated installation.txt
v1.2.75_003: Bugfix: Backend>Admin>User>Edit User: displays permanently "Session: Offline"
v1.2.75_002: index.php: JavaScript loading uses SWITCH now, instead of a bunch of IFs
v1.2.75_001: Bugfix: index.php: wrong placed </div> tag
v1.2.75: Updated embedded CKEditor to version 4.10.0
v1.2.74_010: Bugfix: Backend>Admin>User: Can neither edit nor add users => removed token() from addUser.php
v1.2.74_009: Bugfix: functions/import/12/setup.php: fgetcsv(): max line length set to 0 (=unlimited)
v1.2.74_008: Bugfix: help/threads.php: changed all url protocolls from HTTP to HTTPS
v1.2.74_007: Bugfix: help/forum.php: changed all url protocolls from HTTP to HTTPS
v1.2.74_006: Bugfix: calendar/showGigDetails:40: "Notice: Array to string conversion": $$Attributes[$i]!='' => ${$Attributes[$i]}!=''
v1.2.74_005: Bugfix: functions/standard.php:355: preg_match for Timestamps: '(/[0-9]{9,10})/' => '/([0-9]{9,10})/'
v1.2.74_004: Bugfix: includes/header.php:17: removed redundant slash / from path to favicon
v1.2.74_003: calendar/showGigDetails.php:46: removed empty table row
v1.2.74_002: calendar/showGigDetails.php:25: removed empty table row
v1.2.74_001: calendar/showGigDetails.php:36: fixed the issue with the empty string of $GigLocation
v1.2.74: Gallery: Alternate Text (Alt) shows picture file name, if image description text-file is empty (improvement for search engine picture search)
v1.2.73_002: Bugfix: gallery/gallery_entry.php: removed there counter
v1.2.73_001: Bugfix: gallery/gallery_entry.php:64: Gallery shows the album icons twice
v1.2.73: Updated embedded CKEditor to version 4.5.10

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