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v1.2.80_169 Optimized Version

Posted: Mon 4. May 2020, 15:46
by PaderDesign
Hello everybody

An optimized version has been released today!
No new features, but 25 improvements and bugfixes have been made.
Below a list of all changes. More to come.

The GigKalender now includes a simple contact form, which isn't an official feature yet. It uses the same spam protection as the guestbook, which got slightly improved in this new version.

Feel free to download it here:
There is also an update file available.

Btw, version 1.3 will get skipped, since I'm already working on 1.4 since a while.

Friendly greetings,

--Change Log (new features marked bold):
v1.2.80_169: Bugfix: admin\setup.php:18: Including "SetupRefreshtime.php" had to be "SetupRefreshTime.php"
v1.2.80_168: contact-form\contact-form.php: Changed imploding to use "\r\n"
v1.2.80_167: contact-form\contact-form.php: Added mime-version to header
v1.2.80_166: contact-form\contact-form.php: Added user-agent to header
v1.2.80_165: Bugfix: Contact Form: Email got not send with umlauts in name
=> contact-form\contact-form.php: converting name string into 64bit utf-8
v1.2.80_164: Bugfix: guestbook\guestbook_mail.php.37: Wrong data inserted into fields of messageIsSpam()
v1.2.80_163: Guestbook-Form: 'http' in Name field is detected as spam
v1.2.80_162: Guestbook-Form: blocked words in Name field are detected as spam
v1.2.80_161: Contact-Form: 'http' in Name field is detected as spam
v1.2.80_160: Contact-Form: blocked words in Name field are detected as spam now
v1.2.80_159: Bugfix: contact-form\contact-form.php: added missing asterixes (*) for required form fields
v1.2.80_158: Bugfix: contact-form\contact-form.php: added missing charset for form => accept-charset="UTF-8"
v1.2.80_157: Bugfix: contact-form\contact-form.php.18: form failed handling umlauts => removed "htmlentities($$key)"
v1.2.80_156: Bugfix: contact-form\contact-form.php: replaced several language variables with those in language files
v1.2.80_155: Bugfix: guestbook\guestbook_form_internal.php.150: check on 'code' is not required anylonger => removed
v1.2.80_154: Bugfix: guestbook\guestbook_form_internal.php.149: Applied variable $L_ERROR_Message_contains_invalide_characters
v1.2.80_153: frontend\example_formate.css: changed width of input fields and textareas
v1.2.80_152: frontend\example_formate.css: textarea can be resized vertical only
v1.2.80_151: Bugfix: frontend\example_formate.css: input field and textarea had different width
v1.2.80_150: Bugfix: contact-form\contact-form.php: added missing spam test for the message
v1.2.80_149: Bugfix: Some emails from contact form were lacking the url to block spam, except the IP query
=> contact-form\contact-form.php:52: replaced $_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"] with a call of new function getCurrentURL()
v1.2.80_148: contact-form\contact-form.php: fixed unclosed div container after sending form
v1.2.80_147: contact-form\contact-form.php: Added the generation of $Path for including files