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v1.2.80_171 Optimized Version

Posted: Thu 6. Aug 2020, 12:19
by PaderDesign
Hi everybody,

this optimized version was made, to give you two important bug fixes regarding the front end of the calendar. Read more in the change log below.

Feel free to download it here:
There is also an update file available.

Btw, version 1.3 will get skipped, since I'm already working on 1.4 since a while.

Friendly greetings,

--Change Log (new features marked bold):
v1.2.80_171: Bugfix: Front End: When opening a direct link to gig details, the Back-button does not work => now it leads to 'calendar'. But for past gigs, it does not link to 'calendar_past' (archived gigs). This will get fixed in v1.4, since it requires changes to gigkalender.ini.php
v1.2.80_170: Bugfix: Front End: A gig scheduled for present day is NOT listed in 'calendar' nor in 'calendar_past'
=> calendar/calendar_sql.php.19: had to be "GigDate>='.$Timestamp"