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v1.2.83_015 New Version

Posted: Wed 5. May 2021, 15:38
by PaderDesign
Hi everybody

One new feature and several smaller changes were made in this new version. Read more about it below in the change log.

Feel free to download it here:
There is also an update file available.

Btw, version v1.3 will get skipped, since I'm already working on v1.4.

Friendly greetings

--Change Log (new features marked bold):
v1.2.83_015: Bugfix: Password with a '<' could not be stored into database
=> functions\standard.php.editCurrentUser():
Removed the strip_tags() functions
v1.2.83_014: Bugfix: Password with a backslash could not be stored into database
=> user\editCurrentUser.php: Using Post variable $_POST['UserNewPassword'] directly instead of $UserNewPassword
v1.2.83_013: includes\login.php: Enabled 'autofocus' on input field 'username'
v1.2.83_012: Bugfix: functions\import\12\user.php: Importing users with a backslash in password failed
=> Defined '"' as escape parameter
v1.2.83_011: .htaccess: Enabled COMPRESSING FILES
v1.2.83_010: .htaccess: Enabled BROWSER CACHING
v1.2.83_009: Renamed function logoutInactiveUser() into logoutInactiveUsers()
v1.2.83_008: frontend\example_contact-form.php: Replaced the German sentence with a shorter English one ("Please, drop me a message")
v1.2.83_007: frontend\example_contact-form.php: Removed unused variables
v1.2.83_006: contact-form/contact-form: $L_Result_NOK got replaced by $L_ERROR_Email_could_not_be_sent
v1.2.83_005: contact-form/contact-form: $L_Result_OK got replaced by $L_142
v1.2.83_004: contact-form/contact-form: mail() is now using the new language var $L_New_message_via_contact_form as subject
v1.2.83_003: contact-form/contact-form: mail() is now using the guestbooks email address for administration (setup var 'SetupGuestbookMail')
v1.2.83_002: Bugfix: Former update files did not rename "images/filesharing_notes.gif" to "images/filesharing_sheet-music.gif"
=> the full version has been correct
v1.2.83_001: Updated embedded CKEditor to version 4.16.0
v1.2.83: New feature: Admin: Export: Exported files are now saved in subfolders named by current date and time