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Re: v1.3: Aktuelle Preview

Posted: Sat 16. Apr 2011, 03:38
by PaderDesign
Today I made this preview v1.3.12_019alpha19 available for you for testing.

v1.3.XX_019: Bugfix: include/login.php: Username & Passwort wurden nicht ins Formular zurückgeschrieben, wenn Anmeldung fehlschlug.
v1.3.XX_018: index.php: Login-Prozess optimiert (unnötige SQL-Aufrufe umgangen)
v1.3.XX_017: in allen Dateien die Zeile 'global $db_name;' entfernt.
v1.3.XX_016: gigkalender.ini: mysql_select_db() hinzugefügt.
v1.3.XX_015: in allen Dateien die Funktion mysql_db_query() geändert in mysql_query()

v1.2.61_069: Translated installation.txt to english
v1.2.61_068: Bugfix: Admin: List/Guestbook/News: Changing entries per page in page navigation throws "Notice: Array to string conversion in index.php on line 23" --> index.php:23: added " AND !is_array($value)"
v1.2.61_067: Bugfix: Admin: List/Guestbook/News: Changing entries per page in page navigation throws "Notice: Array to string conversion in index.php on line 18" --> index.php:18: added " AND !is_array($value)"
v1.2.61_066: Bugfix: Admin: Import: Gigs: Venue: Import of "xxx'xxx" becomes "xxx\'xxx" in database --> functions\import\12\gigs.php > removed for-Loop in Line12
v1.2.61_065: Bugfix: Admin: Import: Guestbook: Name: Import of "QM'ler" becomes "QM'ler" in database --> AltenEintragHinzufuegen() rewritten (like EintragHinzufuegen() with strip_tags() and mysql_real_escape_string() )
v1.2.61_064: Backend: Admin: Import: Guestbook: AltenEintragHinzufuegen(): Generating a new $Code not necessary > removed
v1.2.61_063: Bugfix: Backend: Calendar: Adding Gigs: In URL-fields Autocomplete shows the same URLs with and without a closing Slash if both is in database
v1.2.61_062: Bugfix: Frontend: CSS: If more than one view was embeddeded into a website more than one calls of id="GigKalender" were made > changed to class="GigKalender"
v1.2.61_061: Backend: Calendar, News, Guestbook: Default number of table raws set to 25.
v1.2.61_060: Bugfix: Frontend: Guestbook: Wrong URL for sign in the first entry when guestbook is empty and guestbook included into a website.
v1.2.61_059: Backend: Admin: Setup: Frontend: Zeitraum: Hinweis hinzugefügt, dass es sich nur auf 'calendar.php' bezieht.
v1.2.61_058: Bugfix: Frontend: calendar_past.php: table: Zeitraum abhängig von Einstellung im Setup
v1.2.61_057: Bugfix: Frontend: Kalender: table: Monatstrenner wird nach jedem Tag angezeigt.
v1.2.61_056: Bugfix: Frontend: gleichzeitiges Einbinden von calender.php und calendar_past.php zeigt jeweils nur die erste Einbindung.

You can download it here:

Good Night,

Re: v1.3: Current Preview

Posted: Sun 8. Jan 2012, 21:09
by PaderDesign
Hello everyone,

there is a new alpha version available! It includes many code optimizations and all the fixes and new features of v1.2.

Feel free to test it:

Download is available here: