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v1.2.64_009 Optimized Version released

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Hi everyone,

today only a small update on the GigKalender.
Full version and update are available here:

Friendly Greetings,

List of all changes:
v1.2.64_009: Bugfix: news/backend_showAllNews.php:109: mouse hover title of column 'Title' missing
v1.2.64_008: gigkalender.ini.php:83: Version number now included from includes/version.php
v1.2.64_007: calendar/showGigDetails.php: shows only one date now when multiple gigs are listed
v1.2.64_006: Bugfix: calendar/showGigDetails.php: Back-button too long > add class 'submitButton'
v1.2.64_005: calendar/showGigDetails.php: added a line between gigs
v1.2.64_004: Bugfix: calendar/showGigDetails.php: Back-button too long > add class 'submitButton'
v1.2.64_003: Bugfix: calendar/showGigDetails.php: showed multiple Back-buttons when more than one gig was listed
v1.2.64_002: gallery/functions.php:76: getArrayOfImagesInFolder(): subfolder were counted too > is_file() to avoid it
v1.2.64_001: added a license file for JQuery-UI: calendar/includes/addGig/autocomplete/MIT-LICENSE.txt

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