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v1.2.65_009 New Version

Posted: Sun 9. Oct 2011, 15:23
by PaderDesign

today I released a new version of the GigKalender and an update for the previous version. I hope you enjoy it.
You can download it here:

Best regards,

v1.2.65_009: moved favicon.ico to images/favicon.ico
v1.2.65_008: file '/phpinfo.php' removed
v1.2.65_007: Bugfix: guestbook/guestbook_add.php: 165: Cancel-button returned to wrong page sometimes
v1.2.65_006: Bugfix: frontend: calendar: list view: comma behind last gig attribute unnecessary
v1.2.65_005: update.sql.php: calls clearCache() to clear the cache
v1.2.65_004: update.sql.php: calls writeAllFeeds() to rewrite all news feeds
v1.2.65_003: Bugfix: admin/import.php: with register_globals=ON GigKalender forgets which checkboxes were checked
v1.2.65_002: admin/import.php: Button 'No' removed
v1.2.65_001: Bugfix: admin/import.php: offered non-GigKalender files (e.g. import/gigs.txt) checkboxes to get imported
v1.2.65: New Feature: Frontend: Add Gig & Add News: Format editor: New button to remove formats added by the editor
v1.2.64_010: Bugfix: editor/editor.php:28: Umlauts in Gig-Notes are saved and displayed as 'named' entities > changed to 'raw'