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v1.2.66_014 Optimized Version released

Posted: Sun 12. Feb 2012, 17:39
by PaderDesign
Hello everyone,

the today updated version contains some bug-fixes, performance optimizations and the possibility to adjust the location format as you wish (e.g. D-040 Hamburg). If you use the update file you have to copy the database settings into the new gigkalender.ini.php.

These are the changes:
v1.2.66_014: Format of location (Country, PostalCode, City, District) defineable in gigkalender.ini.php
v1.2.66_013: Bugfix: gigkalender.ini.php:10: a missing slash at the end of the URL can cause issues in the entire system
v1.2.66_012: calendar/includes/addGig/autocomplete: JQuery-UI updated to v1.8.17 including updating JQuery to v1.7.1
v1.2.66_011: Bugfix: guestbook/guestbook_delete.php:63: output of the IP not necessary => removed
v1.2.66_010: Bugfix: calendar/includes/frontend/GigIsPrivate.php: It just says Yes or No in list view, which makes no sense => now it says Public oder Private
v1.2.66_009: functions/standard.php:1462: improved code in AnzahlTagedesMonats()
v1.2.66_008: functions/standard.php:1108: improved code in TimestampAusDatum()
v1.2.66_007: index.php:103: changed some lines, so only one loggedIn() call is used => better performance
v1.2.66_006: added the Admin/User idenfication to calendar/backend_year-generate.php, like in v1.2.66_005
v1.2.66_005: calendar/backend_month-html.php:22: moved the Admin/User idenfication to calendar/backend_year-generate.php => better performance
v1.2.66_004: calendar/backend_month-html.php:37: Changed some lines to reduce database requests => better performance
v1.2.66_003: guestbook/guestbook_delete.php:65: unnecessary function call print_r()

As usual, you can download the latest version and the update files here:

Happy Valentines Day,