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v1.2.83_077 Optimised Version

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Hello all,

already in January I released an optimized version of GigKalender.

Feel free to download it here:
There is also an update file available.

Btw, version v1.3 will get skipped, since I'm already working on v1.4.

Friendly greetings

--Change Log (new features marked bold):
<!-- Release Date 2024-01-21 -->
v1.2.83_077: guestbook\guestbook_mail.php: Applied wordwrap like in Bugfix v1.2.83_058
v1.2.83_076: contact-form\contact-form.php: Applied wordwrap like in Bugfix v1.2.83_058
v1.2.83_075: functions\standard.php: Added new function convertGigDates() (not in use yet)
v1.2.83_074: guestbook\guestbook_delete.php: Applied new function blockIP()
v1.2.83_073: functions\standard.php: Added new function blockIP()
v1.2.83_072: Bug fix: calendar\showGigDetails.php: When a gig is disabled for front end, one still can make it visible in the showDetails() by guessing the GigID in the URL query
=> changed the brackets in the SQL query
v1.2.83_071: Bug fix: calendar\showGigDetails.php: Added missing htmlspecialchars() to prevent SQLi
v1.2.83_070: Bug fix: \gallery\gallery.php: The URL query for an album began with '?&' instead of '?'
v1.2.83_069: gallery\gallery.php: If URL querie has a non existing album name, an error message gets thrown.
v1.2.83_068: gallery\gallery.php: Changed use of $_REQUEST-vars into $_GET-vars
v1.2.83_067: Bug fix: gallery\gallery.php: Added missing htmlspecialchars() to prevent SQLi
v1.2.83_066: Bug fix: guestbook\guestbook_mail.php: Added missing htmlspecialchars() to prevent SQLi
v1.2.83_065: Bug fix: contact-form\contact-form.php: Spam senders often place dozens of blank lines at the end of their message.
⇒ Applied a regex via pregmatch() to replace multiple blank lines with one blank line
v1.2.83_064: Bug fix: Blocking spam with phrases instead of words failed
⇒ guestbook\functions.php.messageIsSpam(): Optimised the block "test for blocked words"
v1.2.83_063: guestbook\functions.php.addGuestbookEntry(): Returns now either the $Code or -1 in case of failure
v1.2.83_062: guestbook\guestbook_form_internal.php: Added at the top the foreach() to optimize all POST variables (like in contact_form)
v1.2.83_061: guestbook\functions.php.sendMail(): Removed argument "Datum", but value gets generated via time() instead.
v1.2.83_060: Bugfix: emails from guestbook showed "\r\n" instead of proper line breaks
⇒ guestbook\functions.php.addGuestbookEntry(): mysqli_real_escape_string() got applied also to message for database storage, and also forwarded to sendemail()
⇒ moved sendmail() from inside addGuestbookEntry() to guestbook\guestbook_form_internal.php
v1.2.83_059: mail\mail.php: Applied wordwrap like in Bugfix v1.2.83_058
v1.2.83_058: Bugfix: Front End > Guestbook: Sending email fails when a single line is longer than ~10k characters
⇒ guestbook\functions.php.sendMail(): Applied wordwrap at 70 chars regarding to > 2.1.1. Line Length Limits

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