GigKalender-Tutorial: Installation Last Change: 07th November 2016
GigKalender-Version: v1.2
Torsten Funk, PaderDesign


Download the latest version under

For the further steps you need:
  1. a file archiver:
    To decompress of the ZIP-file you may want to sue 7-Zip. (Some operating systems have such tools as permanent feature, e.g. Windows XP).
  2. a text editor:
    A simple text editor is enough (under Windows e.g. 'Notepad').
    A comfortable alternative is PSPad.

  3. a FTP client:
    You need a FTP client to upload all files from your local harddisk to your webspace. WinSCP is a great tool for that.
  4. a web browser:
    You can use any modern web brower, e.g. Firefox, Seamonkey, Opera or Internet Explorer.

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01 - Unzip

Unzip the ZIP-file to your local hard disk.
Vorlage Vorlage
02 - Open gigkalender.ini.php in text editor

In the root folder of GigKalender you will find the file gigkalender.ini.php. Open it with your text editor.
03 - Customize the MySQL connection

In the first lines you have to define the connection to the MySQL database.

If you wanna install GigKalender on webspace from a webhoster, then you will find these information in your customer account, or just ask your webhoster about it.

04 - Customize table prefix

You can install GigKalender parallel to other systems or several GigKalender installations onto the same database. To distinguish each GigKalender installation you can define here different table prefixes.

If you install only one GigKalender you don't have to change this line.
05 - Define the GigKalender path

In the next line you have to define in which directory you wanna install GigKalender. This declaration can be absolute or relative. It is recommended to make it absolute with a closing Slash (/).

Save this file when you are ready.
06 - Upload files to webspace

Now upload the entire folder to your webspace.
07 - Start installation script

Start the installation script. The URL should look like:
Hint: If you see the colors and graphics like in this screenshot your GigKalender path is correct. Otherwise go back to step 05. Try a relative/absolute path instead. Check the final Slash (/). If you have to create a new database prefer MySQL version 5.
08 - Start installation

Read the license text carefully. If you agree with it, press the button Agreed!.
09 - Check installation

The script will inform you, if the installation was successful. Just press Next to resume.
10 - Finalize installation

In this step please consider to make a donation to PaderDesign via PayPal or Flattr. Your donation will ensure future development of the GigKalender.

Press Donation to make a donation.

Press Next to finish the installation.
11 - Installation finished

The installation is finished. You can log into the back-end now.
Just press the Login and use this login:
Username: Admin
Password: admin

12 - Rename installation folder

Please rename the installation folder with your FTP client now.

For example change
This is important to prevent others can run the installation or de-installation script.