GigKalender - FAQ

If you don't find an answer here, please ask your question in the GigKalender-Forum.

Currently this isn't possible. But this feature will be added as soon as possible. A workaround is to rename unused types of gigs in the language files.

Ensure that the path is correct. If the calling webpage is e.g. and the GigKalender is installed under then this is correct path: ../calender/calendar/calendar.php.

You need basic knowledge about web server with PHP and SQL support. For the installation and first steps please read the Tutorials. To include calendar/guestbook/news you have to open some files with a text editor and add some lines at the correct position. There are examples in the subfolder front end. Open them with a text editor. With these examples it will be easy to include a view.

The back end is the administrative user interface of the GigKalender. Here you can edit your gigs, news and the guestbook. It is running in the background and the visitors of your webpage will not see it.

The front end is your webpage by itself - the part visitors will see.

For example Date, Artist or Location of a gig - the single information you can define for each gig.

The problem is a wrong defined path in gigkalender.ini.php. Open this file and edit the value of the variable $GigKalenderPath. The final slash is important.

This is not a mistake by the GigKalender. It can happen after an update or a change of a language file. There is an outdated style sheet (CSS) in the cache of your browser. A reloading (CTRL+R) of the webpage will fix it.

If you have web server from a hosting service perhaps you can switch to MySQL 5.0 in the settings of your control panel. Otherwise just ask your hosting service to switch it for you. The last GigKalender for MySQL 4 was version v1.1.5_006 which you can download here. But in this version many features are missing.

Yes, pretty simple. The problem is that your webpage uses different character encoding. GigKalender uses UTF-8. To fix it please include the views of the GigKalender like shown here:

  $Calendar = ob_get_contents();
  echo utf8_decode($Calendar);
For guestbook or news just change the third line.

Yes, that is possible. Just include both views as usual at the correct position.

In the file gigkalender.ini.php you can define the calling webpages for each view. This is to force the GigKalender to generate URLs correct if a server setting is different. Just add an URL of the view which works wrong, either relative or absolute. The variables are self-explanatory:

  $SetupGalleryURL = '';
  $SetupGuestbookURL = '';
  $SetupGuestbookFormURL = '';
  $SetupGuestbookEmailURL = '';
  $SetupFrontendCalendarURL = 'calendar.html';
  $SetupFrontendCalendarGigDetailsURL = 'calendar.html';
  $SetupFrontendCalendarCurrentMonthURL = 'calendar.html';