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v1.2.80_146 Optimized Version

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Hello everybody

An optimized version has been released today!
No new features, but about 100 improvements and bugfixes have been made.
Below a list of all changes. More to come.

Feel free to download it here:
There is also an update file available.

Friendly greetings,

--Change Log (new features marked bold):
v1.2.80_146: Bugfix: styles\gigkalender.css: Removed some disabled declarations and fixed comments
v1.2.80_145: Bugfix: Back End: Calendar: List: If you enabled "Status" in the
attributes, there had been "Status" twice in the print preview
v1.2.80_144: Bugfix: Front End > Calendar > Table View: table headers can not be enabled
v1.2.80_143: Bugfix: Front End: Calendar: List-View: design got distorted by overlong lines
=> now breaking the lines to behind the date and beginning time
v1.2.80_142: Bugfix: gigkalender.ini.php: avoids double-slashes in URLs because of a final slash in the $GigKalenderPath
v1.2.80_141: contact-form/gigKalender_kontaktForm_v06.php: File deleted
v1.2.80_140: contact-form/gigKalender_kontaktForm_v06.php: File deleted
v1.2.80_139: contact-form/gigKalender_kontaktForm_v06.php: File deleted
v1.2.80_138: install\iniSetup.php: on default, the $SetupNewsChannelURL is empty now, so internal links work correct after installation, but can be changed if necessary
v1.2.80_137: frontend/example_guestbook_form: missing HTTP_REFERER when page is being opened directly
v1.2.80_136: news\news.php: reusing generated Pagination at top and bottom
v1.2.80_135: news\functions.php.getNewsFrontendNavigation(): function renamed into getNewsFrontendPagination()
v1.2.80_134: Bugfix: news\backend_showAllNews.php:29: Wrong session variable
v1.2.80_133: Bugfix: guestbook\backend_showAllGuestbookEntries.php:36: Wrong session variable
v1.2.80_132: guestbook\guestbook_show.php: reusing generated Pagination at top and bottom
v1.2.80_131: guestbook\functions.php.getGuestbookFrontendPagination(): removed the $Locator to differentiate between Top and Bottom pagination
v1.2.80_130: guestbook\functions.php.getGuestbookFrontendPagination(): removed JavaScript on form
v1.2.80_129: guestbook\functions.php.getGuestbookFrontendNavigation(): renamed into getGuestbookFrontendPagination()
v1.2.80_128: Bugfix: Back End: Calendar: List: set to short pagination > pagination is missing the query in the last button
v1.2.80_127: Bugfix: Front End: GB and News pagination: When less than 9 pages listed, first button contains a query in its URL
v1.2.80_126: installation.txt: Updated
v1.2.80_125: functions\standard.php.transformPassword(): Function removed (not in use)
v1.2.80_124: includes/editor: Folder removed
v1.2.80_123: Updated embedded CKEditor to version 4.11.4
v1.2.80_122: Cleaned up code in calendar\includes\showAllGigs\*.*
v1.2.80_121: Back End > Calendar> List: loading faster now, by not including sub files for empty fields
=> Calendar List in Back End loads ~36% faster
v1.2.80_120: calendar\includes\showAllGigs\GigDate.php: file removed
v1.2.80_119: calendar\includes\showAllGigs\subString.php: file removed
v1.2.80_118: Files in calendar\includes\showAllGigs don't make use of the file subString.php anymore
=> now using new function getShortenedString()
=> Calendar List in Back End loads ~40% faster
v1.2.80_117: functions\standard.php: new Function getShortenedString()
v1.2.80_116: Bugfix: calendar\backend_showAllGigs.php: table cells for GigStatus had no CSS class declaration for printing
v1.2.80_115: Bugfix: calendar\backend_showAllGigs.php: GigStatus had been in English always
v1.2.80_114: Bugfix: Back End: Calendar: Add Gig: Autocomplete listed from database, but also just typed in strings (browser-side form data)
=> added 'autocomplete="off"' to all input-tags in charge
v1.2.80_113: includes\footer.php: changed PaderDesign-URL to the GigKalender page
v1.2.80_112: Bugfix: guestbook\guestbook_form_internal.php: Gets real visitor IP via new function getRealIP()
=> might reduce spam by blocking the real IP. also, before one IP was returned as 'unknown'
v1.2.80_111: moved function getRealIP() from contact-form\contact-form.php to functions\standard.php
v1.2.80_110: Bugfix: Front End: Guestbook: Pagination: First button got wrong URL when no URL defined in gigkalender.ini.php
=> functions\standard.php.getFrontendURL(): $Path is generated now by str_replace()
v1.2.80_109: Bugfix: guestbook\functions.php.addGuestbookEntry(): Adding new entries failed, because empty ICQ variable wasn't set to NULL
v1.2.80_108: Bugfix: guestbook\functions.php.addGuestbookEntry(): Optimized to give out error messages in case adding new entry to database failed
v1.2.80_107: Bugfix: functions\standard.php.getFrontendURL(): did not consider the variable $SetupGalleryURL defined in gigkalender.ini.php
v1.2.80_106: Bugfix: functions\standard.php.getFrontendURL(): did not consider the variable $SetupGuestbookEmailURL defined in gigkalender.ini.php
v1.2.80_105: install\iniSetup.php: $SetupUserMaximumInactivityTime = "180";
v1.2.80_104: frontent\example_guestbook_add.php: file removed
v1.2.80_103: Bugfix: languages\deutsch.php: expression of variable $L_021 optimized.
v1.2.80_102: Bugfix: Back End: Some buttons too short, e.g. in Import: define min-width
v1.2.80_101: Bugfix: Email from new guestbook entry always said "Uhr" behind the entry time
v1.2.80_100: Bugfix: Email from a new guestbook entry always said "Datum" independent of selected language
v1.2.80_099: Bugfix: Front End: Current Month: URLs to gig details were wrong
v1.2.80_098: Bugfix: Back End: Calendar: List: On adding a new gig, URLs with https:// are changed into "http://https:/"
v1.2.80_097: Bugfix: Google Maps URL did not work, because Google turned of the direct URL service
=> Map URLs are now opening an OpenStreetmap map
v1.2.80_096: functions\standard.php: renamed function getGoogleMapsURL() into getMapsURL()
v1.2.80_095: Bugfix: in email about new guestbook entry, a missing ICQ number was shown as "NULL"
v1.2.80_094: Bugfix: languages\english.php: Fixed several bad expressions "Are you sure you..." into "Do you really want to..."
v1.2.80_093: Bugfix: Back End: Calendar: List: renamed header from "Gig View" into "List View"
v1.2.80_092: Bugfix: Front End: Guestbook: If pagination is not displayed, the entry link moved into wrong position, because of an empty div container
=> \guestbook\functions.php.getGuestbookFrontendNavigation(): gives out a " " now
v1.2.80_091: Bugfix: Back End: CSS: some small buttons too short, width set to 6em
v1.2.80_090: Bugfix: Back End: CSS: some buttons were too short, like the one during installation => CSS: width set to auto
v1.2.80_089: Bugfix: Back End: Calendar: Year: several warnings when subfolder 'cache' is missing
v1.2.80_088: Bugfix: Installation made use of a page refresh timer => removed
v1.2.80_087: Bugfix: imports used the delimiter defined in the code, not the one defined in the setup
v1.2.80_086: Renamed all variables $ErsterWochentag into $FirstDayOfTheWeek
v1.2.80_085: Renamed all variables $Zelle into $Cell
v1.2.80_084: Renamed function TimestampAusDatum() into getTimestampFromDate()
v1.2.80_083: Renamed all variables $TimestampVonHeute into $TimestampOfToday
v1.2.80_082: Renamed function WochentagVonDatum() into getWeekdayFromDate()
v1.2.80_081: Renamed URL query parameter Jahr into Year
v1.2.80_080: Renamed CSS class Jahr into Year
v1.2.80_079: Renamed all variables $Tag into $Day
v1.2.80_078: Renamed all variables $wochentag into $Weekday
v1.2.80_077: Renamed all variables $timestamp into $Timestamp
v1.2.80_076: Renamed all variables $MonatsName into $NameOfMonth
v1.2.80_075: Renamed CSS class XXX into Month
v1.2.80_074: Renamed all variables $unixtimestamp into $UnixTimestamp
v1.2.80_073: Renamed all variables $Jahr into $Year
v1.2.80_072: Renamed all variables $Monat into $Month
v1.2.80_071: functions\standard.php: Optimized function
v1.2.80_070: Renamed all variables $Inhalt into $Content
v1.2.80_069: Renamed function GetTooltip() into getTooltip()
v1.2.80_068: Renamed function AnzahlGigsMitGleichemDatum() into getNumberOfGigsAtSameDay()
v1.2.80_067: Renamed all variables $AnzahlGigsMitGleichemDatum into $NumberOfGigsAtSameDay
v1.2.80_066: Renamed function AnzahlTagedesMonats() into getDaysOfAMonth()
v1.2.80_065: Renamed all variables $AnzahlTagedesMonats into $getDaysOfAMonth
v1.2.80_064: Renamed all sql queries containing ['Anzahl'] or ['zahl'] into ['number']
v1.2.80_063: Renamed all variables $AnzahlZeichen into $NumberOfCharacters
v1.2.80_062: Renamed all variables $AnzahlDateien into $NumberOfFiles
v1.2.80_061: Renamed all variables $result into $Result
v1.2.80_060: Renamed function AnzahlVeroeffentlichterNewsInDatenbank() into getNumberOfPublishedNewsEntries()
v1.2.80_059: Renamed all variables $sql into $SQLQuery
v1.2.80_058: Renamed all variables $SQL_Befehl into $SQLQuery
v1.2.80_057: Renamed all variables $resultat into $Result
v1.2.80_056: Renamed all variables $aktuellerEintrag into $CurrentEntry
v1.2.80_055: Renamed all variables $obersterEintrag into $TopEntry
v1.2.80_054: Renamed all variables $AnzahlGigsImZeitraum into $NumberOfGigsInPeriod
v1.2.80_053: Renamed all variables $EintraegeProSeite into $EntriesPerPage
v1.2.80_052: Renamed all variables $AnzahlEintraege into $NumberOfEntries
v1.2.80_051: Renamed all variables $CurrentPage into $CurrentPage
v1.2.80_050: Renamed all variables $AnzahlSeiten into $NumberOfPages
v1.2.80_049: news\functions.php.getNewsFrontendNavigation(): removed function parameter $Locator
v1.2.80_048: Bugfix: Front End: Guestbook: It wasn't possible to add a guestbook entry by accessing the form directly
v1.2.80_047: Bugfix: images/bgindex.jpg: file removed
v1.2.80_046: Bugfix: Back End: CSS: Background color still blue, changed into dark-grey
v1.2.80_045: Bugfix: Installation fails, when subfolder 'cache' is missing
=> functions\standard.php.emptyDirectory(): now checks first whether directory exists
v1.2.80_044: Frontend: guestbook form: visitors with blocked IPs can not see the form anymore
v1.2.80_043: Bugfix: Frontend: On adding a GB entry, sending of email fails on certain email domains, e.g. ""
=> guestbook\functions.php.sendMail(): sender email address is the admin email address now ($SetupGuestbookMail)
v1.2.80_042: guestbook\functions.php.writeSpamLog(): Removed all blanks " " in spam log headers, like "[ Email ]" to ""[Email]""
v1.2.80_041: Bugfix: guestbook\functions.php.writeSpamLog(): String "[ eMail ]" changed into "[ Email ]"

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