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v1.2.82_008 New Version

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Hi everybody

An optimized version is available for download. There is now a pagination added to the gallery view, and one important bug got fixed (v1.2.82_006), where a single file had been in a wrong folder. And some minor CSS changes to the front-end views.

Feel free to download it here:
There is also an update file available.

Btw, version v1.3 will get skipped, since I'm already working on v1.4.

Friendly greetings

--Change Log (new features marked bold):
v1.2.82_008: Gallery: A demo album is now permanently included
v1.2.82_007: Bugfix: Front-end: Calendar: Notes in Detailview did show text non-formatted (all formats removed)
=> removed "$GigNotes = strip_tags($GigNotes);"
=> removed "$GigNotes = htmlspecialchars($GigNotes, ENT_QUOTES);"
v1.2.82_006: Bugfix: Front-end can not load calendars:
=> "Warning: include_once(calendar/calendar_wrapper.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in calendar\calendar.php on line 14
=> moved "calendar/_keep/calendar_wrapper.php" back into "calendar\"
v1.2.82_005: frontend\example_formate.css: changed to "display: inline-block;" in .GigKalender .pagination
v1.2.82_004: frontend\example_formate.css: added "margin: 0;" to .GigKalender .NewsEntryHeadline
v1.2.82_003: frontend\example_formate.css: removed "margin-bottom" in .GigKalender .NewsNavigation
v1.2.82_002: frontend\example_formate.css: added "margin: 0;" to .GigKalender .GuestbookEntryHeadline
v1.2.82_001: frontend\example_formate.css: removed "margin-bottom" in .GigKalender .GuestbookNavigation
v1.2.82: New feature: The listed albums in the gallery got a pagination

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