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v1.2.63_076 New Version

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Hello everyone,

in the last weeks i worked a lot on the GigKalender. So since some days there is the new version v1.2.63_076 available, also an update from v1.2.61_069. Currently i'm already working on v1.2.64, but this still might take some days. You can download the new version and the update here:

Here a list of all changes made in v1.2.63_076:
v1.2.63_076: Editor can be resized horizontal too
v1.2.63_075: Updated Editor to version 3.4.2
v1.2.63_074: languages/english.php:393: "Members View" changed into "Members" (analog in deutsch.php)
v1.2.63_073: Bugfix: update.sql.php:8: caused a MySQL-error on some systems
v1.2.63_072: Bugfix: Exported gig.csv of v1.2.63_044 can contain "NULL" as Postal Code > functions/standard.php:addGig():1237
v1.2.63_071: Bugfix: v1.2.63_043 caused "NULL" in empty Postal Code fields > via MySQL setting those to empty string ""
v1.2.63_070: Bugfix: languages/english.php: several "sent" changed into "send"
v1.2.63_069: Bugfix: functions/import/080225/setup.php:49: SetupShowEditorInAddGigForm = '1'"; (Import could switch off the Editor again)
v1.2.63_068: Bugfix: functions/import/11/setup.php:49: SetupShowEditorInAddGigForm = '1'"; (Import could switch off the Editor again)
v1.2.63_067: Bugfix: functions/import/12/setup.php:49: SetupShowEditorInAddGigForm = '1'"; (Import could switch off the Editor again)
v1.2.63_066: help/threads.php: date and author of last post combined in one column with Standard date representation ISO 8601 'Y-m-d' and time
v1.2.63_065: help/threads.php: Arrow to last topic changed
v1.2.63_064: Bugfix: calendar/backend_selectGig.php:112: gives out wrong date format > changed like in backend_showAllGigs.php
v1.2.63_063: Bugfix: adding an event with empty PostalCode saves 'NULL' into database > functions/standard.php:1231: line removed
v1.2.63_062: gigkalender.ini.php: Standard date representation is now the international standard ISO 8601 'Y-m-d'
v1.2.63_061: user/editCurrentUser.php:52: If user changes language the cache will be cleared
v1.2.63_060: Bugfix: languages/english.php: several misspellings corrected
v1.2.63_059: Bugfix: languages/deutsch.php: several misspellings corrected
v1.2.63_058: languages/english.php: each 'Backend' changed into 'Back End'
v1.2.63_057: languages/english.php: each 'Frontend' changed into 'Front End'
v1.2.63_056: languages/deutsch.php: each 'Backend' changed into 'Back-End'
v1.2.63_055: languages/deutsch.php: each 'Frontend' changed into 'Front-End'
v1.2.63_054: Backend: Admin: Setup: Show editor in form: field is always checked and inactive, so the editor will always be active.
v1.2.63_053: Backend: Admin: Setup (setup.php): moved "Lines in Textareas" below "Allow double dates"
v1.2.63_052: languages/english.php:159 "Export/Import-Separator:" > "Import/Export Delimiter:"
v1.2.63_051: help/donate.php:12: open a new window when form is send
v1.2.63_050: languages/english.php:311: sentence rewritten
v1.2.63_049: languages/english.php:310: sentence rewritten
v1.2.63_048: Bugfix: languages/english.php:309: typing mistakes > sentence rewritten
v1.2.63_047: install/index.php:32: New button name 'Agreed!'
v1.2.63_046: gallery/templates/gallery_entry.php:28: "Bilder" translated into "Images"
v1.2.63_045: Bugfix: Frontend: Gallery: included TXT-files showed a ? when embedded into an ANSI website > saved again without Ident.Bytes/BOM
v1.2.63_044: MySQL-Database-Update: Backend: Usernames may have up to 20 characters now
v1.2.63_043: MySQL-Database-Update: Backend: Calendar: Add Gig: Postal Code: accepts characters too
v1.2.63_042: install/index2php:27: added a clearCache() call
v1.2.63_041: calendar/backend_addGig.php:231: added button 'Reset'
v1.2.63_040: user/editCurrentUser.php:85: removed button 'Cancel'
v1.2.63_039: gigkalender.ini.php:15: $CharsGuestbookListFields increased to 36
v1.2.63_038: gigkalender.ini.php:14: $CharsCalenderListFields increased to 22
v1.2.63_037: mail/mail.php: input fields for 'Sender' and 'Recipient' grayed out with CSS class 'DisabledTextarea'
v1.2.63_036: languages/english.php: all strings 'eMail' changed into 'Email'
v1.2.63_035: languages/deutsch.php: all strings 'eMail' changed into 'Email'
v1.2.63_034: install/iniSetup.php:70: $SetupGuestbookSpamWords: some words removed
v1.2.63_033: folder guestbook/includes/addGuestbookEntry removed
v1.2.63_032: file includes/reloadblocker.php removed
v1.2.63_031: file includes/fuzzing.user.js removed
v1.2.63_030: file images/update.gif removed
v1.2.63_029: file images/rss.svg removed
v1.2.63_028: file images/logout.gif removed
v1.2.63_027: file images/login.gif removed
v1.2.63_026: file images/kalender_zukunft.gif removed
v1.2.63_025: file images/kalender_vergangenheit.gif removed
v1.2.63_024: file images/gigs.gif removed
v1.2.63_023: help/threads: translated into english
v1.2.63_022: history.txt renamed into changelog.txt
v1.2.63_021: Backend: Help: Forum: adjusted iFrame height
v1.2.63_020: Bugfix: RSS-Validator: description should not contain relative URL references > editor/editor.php:30 > convert_urls : false
v1.2.63_019: file editor/editor2.php removed
v1.2.63_018: Bugfix: Backend: After logging out menus and content was still visible > functions/standard.php:loggedIn(): session_id() returned empty string
v1.2.63_017: functions/standard.php:getGoogleMapsURL(): Google-Maps-URL changed, with browser language selector
v1.2.63_016: Bugfix: Backend: Calendar: List: HTML-Tidy says "<…> escaping malformed URI reference” > functions/standard.php:getGoogleMapsURL(): using rawurlencode() now
v1.2.63_015: Bugfix: Backend: Calendar: List: HTML-Tidy says "unescaped & or unknown entity &..." > calendar/includes/showAllGigs/GigEvent.php > htmlspecialchars() on both vars
v1.2.63_014: new icon for images/show.gif > show.png
v1.2.63_013: styles/gigkalender.css optimized
v1.2.63_012: Backend:Help:Donation: Flattr-Button added and PayPal-Button updated
v1.2.63_011: news/functions.php: writeAtomFeed():113: changed the tag <updated>
v1.2.63_010: news/functions.php: writeAtomFeed():115: added the tag <published>
v1.2.63_009: news/functions.php: writeAtomFeed():114: added the tag <link rel="alternate" href="'.$URL.'" />
v1.2.63_008: styles/gigkalender_print.css:18: 0.1em > 1px
v1.2.63_007: Bugfix: Backend: Calendar: List: gigkalender_print_sw.css not loaded > includes/header.php:19: showAllGigs > backend_showAllGigs
v1.2.63_006: file readme.txt removed
v1.2.63_005: regarding to Bugfix v1.2.61_073: each "0.05em" changed into "1px"
v1.2.63_004: Bugfix: Backend: border frames not displayed in Opera and Webkit > styles/gigkalender.css: each "0.05em" changed into "1px"
v1.2.63_003: Bugfix: standard/functions.php: isEmailDomainValid(): Fails on Windows servers when exec() is disabled > function rewritten
v1.2.63_002: File renamed: gallery/images/Example_Images.pspimage > gallery_example_images.pspimage
v1.2.63_001: File renamed: gallery/images/Icons.pspimage > gallery_icons.pspimage
v1.2.63: New Feature to Rewrite News Feeds in the Backend under Admin>Tools
v1.2.62: New Feature to Clear Cache in the Backend under Admin>Tools

Wish you all a nice week,

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